Ship a Car from Delaware to Pennsylvania

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The Delaware to Pennsylvania Ride Is Now a Lot Easier with American Auto Move

When it comes to shipping your vehicle from Delaware to Pennsylvania in perfect condition and on schedule, American Auto Move is one of the leaders in the transportation industry. We offer a wide range of shipping options and any type of vehicle can be loaded on our carriers, including boats, motorcycles and even lorries, which is the main reason why we are considered the best vehicle shipping company from Delaware to Pennsylvania.

What Are the Advantages of Working with a Shipping Company?

Anyone who has tried covering long distances behind the wheel, on unfamiliar routes, knows the difficulties that can be faced along the way. The distance from Delaware to Pennsylvania is of approximately 280 miles, the jammed traffic and the numerous papers to be filled in representing one more reason to hire a professional shipping company for this task. When you are in the difficult position of having to move two or more cars at once, the problems and the expenses grow exponentially. In these conditions, the best solution is to leave this task to professionals like us and to travel lightly by plane, without any worries on your mind.

What are the Vehicle Shipping Costs from Delaware to Pennsylvania?

Contrary to what many people would expect and to what most auto transport companies have to offer, at American Auto Move, we have managed to keep our prices lower than average, thanks to our ability to adjust to the market’s changes. In fact, if you decide to work with us, you will actually spend less than if you drive the car yourself, especially on longer distances. Our services are designed to meet all of your needs and expectations, and we are known for our professionalism and commitment towards customer satisfaction. We have constantly growing and developing our resources in these past few years, now being able to ensure a multitude of Delaware to Pennsylvania transporting facilities, from light motorcycles to large and expensive SUVs and even to luxury cars and limos.

What Does Car Shipping from Delaware to Pennsylvania Involve?

At American Auto Move, we work with all the details up front, so, on our website,, you can information about prices, the shipping procedure, the insurance policies, and you can ask any question you wish. We are the right company to ship your car from Delaware to Pennsylvania, and you will soon figure out why!