Ship a Car from Delaware To New York

Our Company Offers Many Options Regarding Your Car Transportation From Delaware to New York.

From our experience, people or companies who seek the services of a car transportation company, even for distances smaller than that from Delaware to New York, are working with tight time schedules. It is not a milestone to make a 184 miles drive – it takes a little more than three hours to get from a point to another if you do not include the risks that the drive implies.

We usually offer Delaware to New York auto transport services to companies or people who buy new or used cars and who need their purchase to get to them as soon as possible. Still, our clients resort to Delaware to New York car transport companies when they decide that the trip is too dangerous to be made by driving. Usually, that is happening in winter when the roads are covered with ice and snow. We always make sure that the car will get safely from one point to another, in time, and even without being exposed to outside weather.

Enclosed Shipping

An expensive antique car will not be able to make the short trip from Delaware to New York on its own tires. Often, the owner will not allow it because he/she understands that a special car requires special transportation. Of course, if you ship your car with us, you can opt for enclosed transportation as a Delaware to New York auto transport service we are offering good prices on enclosed transport routes. Your car will be traveling in an enclosed trailer and will be secure throughout the trip. The owner will get the car in New York in exactly the same condition it was in when given to us.

Benefits For The Military

America Auto Move also offers military discounts. This is because we understand the military lifestyle. It is always hard to relocate your family and belongings, but military employees are doing that very often, so even a short trip from Delaware to New York can be a drag to them.

To learn more about our company, our drivers and our transportation fees, you can go on our companys web page You can also call the phone number available on the site and an operator will direct you towards a company employee that can take care of any questions you might have. On the web page, we also have a special section where potential clients can enter information to obtain a quick and reliable quote regarding their Delaware to New York car transportation.