Ship a Car from Delaware to Michigan

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How to Get a Vehicle from Delaware to Michigan

If you need to move your vehicle from Delaware to Michigan, it’s important to plan ahead. Driving it there yourself may seem like the best way to save money, but everyone’s situation is different, and for a lot of vehicle owners, that is actually not the least expensive option.

What’s the distance from Delaware to Michigan?

The drive from Delaware to Michigan is anywhere from about 550 to 1,100 miles depending on where in Michigan your vehicle needs to be. It would take between 9 and 18 hours of actual driving time to make the trip, plus whatever time would be taken up by stops, traffic and weather.

What About Hiring a Car Shipping Company From Delaware to Michigan?

Many car owners are surprised to discover that hiring a good, economical car shipping companies from Delaware to Michigan is actually less expensive than driving. The price of driving it yourself really adds up when you take into account that you have to pay for gas, tolls, meals and possibly lodging if you’re going up to the north end of Michigan. And that does not even begin to cover the other expenses that may or may not arise if anything happens along the way. And having your car shipped from Delaware to Michigan also eliminates the extra wear and tear on the car and the extra miles on the odometer.

How Much is the Car Shipping Rate for Delaware to Michigan?

The rate a company will charge for auto transport depends on several factors including whether you need open or enclosed transport and whether you are in a hurry, but it’s easy to compare rates by using a Rate Comparison Tool like the one available on, our website.

Or, if you want to research our competitors independently, that’s fine, too. You can still get a Delaware to Michigan car shipping quote from us, either by using the app form on our website or by calling us at 866-327-7863. Our car shipping price from Delaware to Michigan is usually lower than other reputable companies’ prices, and even less than it would cost you to drive it there yourself.

We are one of the top-rated car shipping companies in the country, so you can relax knowing that your car is in good hands. Give us a call or a click and we will get your car safely from Delaware to Michigan.