Ship a Car from Delaware to Illinois

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Avoid Driving from Delaware to Illinois

Driving for more than 800 miles from Delaware to Illinois could be a real adventure if you do not carefully prepare a plan of action. But, even so, unexpected problems may appear along the way. That is why, the best thing for you to do is to turn your attention towards our car shipping services from Delaware to Illinois.

About Us and Our Services

We are American Auto Move, a vehicle shipping company from Delaware to Illinois, or on any other route. With over 10,000 cars annually shipped, we are one of the biggest companies by volume in the entire U.S.A. We basically take your car from a pick up point and we deliver it to the desired destination quick and safe. Your vehicle will be transported on a carrier.

How Much Does It Cost to Transport a Vehicle from Delaware to Illinois?

We cannot provide you with a fix list of prices from the start, because every shipping service that we do is unique in its way. An auto shipping price from Delaware to Illinois can only be estimated after we know the exact distance between the pick up point and the destination point and after we find out some characteristics about your car. For instance, a Beetle will cost less to ship from Delaware to Illinois than a family van.

How to Contact Us and How to Find Out More Details about Us

First of all, we are available online, at HYPERLINK “” The website provides all the information and answers that our previous clients ever needed and should serve your interests as well, by explaining to you how the system works and what you have to do in order to have it working for you.

You can read about our services, our resources, our reputation and our shipping policy, and you can request a price quote by filling in the standard online form. Based on this form, you will receive an email with further details and a free price quote. It is as easy as that.

Another way to contact us is calling (888) 201-2370. One of our representatives will be there for you and will provide you with any information you may need or will write down your contact information, your shipping needs details and your pick up address, so that we can begin the formalities of the shipping from Delaware to Illinois.