Ship a Car from Connecticut To West Virginia

Moving Your Car from Connecticut to West Virginia Is No Longer a Problem

The simplest way to transport your car from Connecticut to West Virginia is to hire a specialized shipping company. The average distance between the two states is of 610 miles, more or less.

Such a route requires at least 10 hours of driving. As relaxing as driving can sometimes be, sitting in the car and paying attention to the traffic for so much time is tiresome and uncomfortable. The best way to get rid of all this is to hire someone professional to handle the car for you.

What Are the Main Types of Car Transport Services from Connecticut to West Virginia?

There are many ways to relocate your car from one part of the country to the other. American Auto Move is one of the few companies that provide several types of services for anyone interested in high quality and efficient shipping. The main types of services we provide are:

Door to door transport – All you have to do is to give the address from where you want us to pick up your car and to where you need it delivered, and we will be there on time for both procedures, the pickup and the delivery;

Terminal to terminal car shipping from Connecticut to West Virginia - It is our cheapest service, requiring that you bring your car to and take it over from one of our terminals;

Port to port relocation – This type of service is addressed to those needing on water shipping, the cars being transported on water, with a ferry.

What Shipping Haulers Are Available from Connecticut to West Virginia?

Depending on how pretentious your vehicle is, you can opt for an open Connecticut to West Virginia auto transport carrier or for an enclosed one. The first choice is mostly preferred by owners who have classic or show cars. An enclosed trailer is also recommended for convertibles, because it ensures better protection against the bad weather.

If you want to see how much Connecticut to West Virginia car shipping costs, send us an email with your specific needs at or call one of our agents at our toll free number (888) 201-2370 and we will answer all your questions. Do not waste any more time and book your car relocation from Connecticut to West Virginia or on any other route as soon as possible!