Ship a Car from Connecticut to Virginia

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Road Trip vs. Auto Transport Costs from Connecticut to Virginia

If you’re thinking of moving south to the beautiful green regions located in the state of Virginia, and you are looking either to drive your car directly or ship it through an auto transport service from Connecticut to Virginia that can ensure a safe delivery, you will find yourself facing a dilemma that has been widely discussed by drivers throughout the country.

Is It Cheaper to Set Out on a Road Trip?

If you’re asking yourself “how much does it cost to transport a car from Connecticut to Virginia simply by driving it to my new house”, the idea in itself may initially seem like a good one. When it comes to determining the costs of a road trip between the two states, however, there are a lot of factors you will need to take into account:

  • First of all, fuel prices are constantly on the rise which means it could be costly to drive all the way to Virginia, especially if your car isn’t a very new model. Carriers have extremely well-designed fuel consumption plans that can help you cut on costs, and they also transport more than one vehicle on the same truck to save more fuel.
  • The time lost while you drive to Virginia yourself will not be easy to recover. The distance can be covered in a little over 9 hours, however, you also need to take into account fatigue, stress and the physical strain that would require more rest and sleep – so you won’t really be ready for anything productive right after you finish your journey.
  • Road trips can be dangerous, and you might find yourself damaging your car quite easily. Repair costs, combined with the prices for parts and the time you’ll be wasting in a motel to wait until your car is fixed are really not worth the effort or the expense.

Lower Auto Transport Costs from Connecticut to Virginia

Even though a road trip can be very appealing, and the driving distance, the climate or the road conditions are not that difficult to manage, many experts still think that – due to the increased costs – the best choice would be to hire a reliable car transport company such as American Auto Move to help you with your problem.

Here at American Auto Move, we pride ourselves for being able to choose the appropriate carrier services for the route in question, as well as the best and most experienced drivers. With our help, however, you will not only get an excellent auto transport service from Connecticut to Virginia, but you will also reduce your expenses considerably and waste no more time on the matter of shipping your car.