Ship a Car from Connecticut To Oregon

For Large Distances Like the One from Connecticut to Oregon, Leave the Driving to the Professionals

A trip like the one from Connecticut to Oregon would be impossible to drive for a normal driver, even if he or she had nerves of steel.

Why Hire Professionals?

Can you imagine driving by yourself for 45 hours? How much money would you spend on food, gas, tolls and all those hotel bills? We know what a 2,900 mile drive means, and we are here to show you.

American Auto Move, known as the largest and most safe car shipping company from Connecticut to Oregon, will make this long drive for you.

We have a big team made up of only professional drivers who have driven through the whole country and know the difficulties of any kind of road. They stop and rest before they are fatigued enough to put your car in danger. And they will communicate with you throughout the whole drive, so you can know where your car is and how it is doing, and will also let you follow your car through the ‘tracking your car’ program that you can find on The safety of your transport from Connecticut to Oregon is of maximum importance with us.

Is American Auto Move a Good Fit for You?

We are a cheap shipping company from Connecticut to Oregon only because we want to help our customers, not take advantage of them. We know how much money you would spend on such a drive, and we guarantee that our price is far below the normal price, just for you to have faith in us and feel as if you hired family.

With us driving your car from Connecticut to Oregon, you will understand what ‘inversely proportional’ means. Our prices are inversely proportional to the quality of our services. You will have full insurance, professional drivers, professional appraisers, tracking devices and affordable prices if you trust your car with us. Our car shipping quote from Connecticut to Oregon is 100% guaranteed, so your worries should vanish before they appear.

Trust using our website,, for every piece of information you need. Also on our website, you will find a contact number, if you have any questions (there is always somebody who will give you the answers you need).

With us, the long drive from Connecticut to Oregon will seem a like piece of cake.