Ship a Car from Connecticut to Missouri

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What Is The Best Way To Have A Car Shipped From Connecticut To Missouri?

If you want to know that your car is safely delivered from Connecticut to Missouri, then you need a reliable shipping service to count on. American Auto Move is an auto transport service with a 25-year experience, thus we can guarantee you that we can deal with transporting pretty much any type of vehicle across land and across ocean waters also.

What is American Auto Move?

American Auto Move is a vehicle shipping company with extensive experience, a large network of haulers and truck drivers, great prices to offer and high quality customer service. We can transport small cars, trucks, RVs, mini-vans and vans, motorcycles and even boats.

Our standard service is door-to-door transport, or Direct Auto Transport. This service has shorter turnaround times than our competitors do and allows you to set a pick-up and a delivery location, rather than having to take the car to a terminal yourself. If you prefer terminal-to-terminal delivery though, we have such a service also.

Our standard packages ensure that your car will be picked up within two to four days, with the door-to-door service. If your delivery request is urgent though, we also have an Express Auto Transport option available. If we confirm that the express service is available at the location of your request, then your car will be picked-up within 24 hours of the moment you have placed your order at.

So that you can be worry-free while the auto transport is made from Connecticut to Missouri, we give you access to an online tracking interface that can show you where your car is at different moments.

How much does it cost to transport a car from Connecticut to Missouri?

If you are interested in the vehicle shipping rate, then please fill in the form available in the Compare Quote section of our website and ask for a quote from us. In order for us to provide you with some figures, we need to know what type of car you need us to transport for you, whether you want it shipped on open or enclosed haulers and if it is operable or not. You can also fill in prices offered by our competitors so that a comparison be made. Our comparison tool takes into account the fact that the standard rate for shipping is of $0.32 per mile.

If you need us to provide you with any other details regarding vehicle shipping options from Connecticut to Missouri, do call us at: (888) 201-2370.