Ship a Car from Connecticut to Michigan

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Transporting Your Vehicle from Connecticut to Michigan

Do you need to move your vehicle from Connecticut to Michigan? Choosing the right method of transportation for your needs will require careful consideration of a number of factors including distance, the possible risks involved, and the cost in terms of both time and money.

How many miles is it from Connecticut to Michigan?

From state line to state line, the distance from Connecticut to Michigan is of about 600 miles, but, most likely, your trip would be much longer. For example, from Hartford to Traverse City is more than 850 miles if you go through Canada, or more than 950 if you do not. It would take anywhere from 9 to 19 hours of actual driving time, not counting stops or any delays due to traffic or weather.

The automatic thing to do is to drive the car yourself, and this may seem at first glance like the cheapest alternative. But it’s always a good idea to calculate the costs for all the options before you decide. You may find that once you have counted the gas, tolls, meals, lodging and wear and tear on the car, driving is not so cheap after all.

If you hire a driver, you will need to make sure it’s someone you can trust, and that, usually, costs money and does not save your car from risks and wear.

Once you’ve looked into the costs, you may discover that going with a specialized company will actually give you the lowest cost. You will also avoid the potential expenses of fender benders, damaged tires and unforeseen delays, and get the vehicle to its destination without adding any miles to it.

What’s the best auto transport company from Connecticut to Michigan?

Of course we’d like to tell you that we’re the best company, because we want to work with you, but, at American Auto Move, we believe in earning your business honorably. That is why we have built a reputation as one of the most reliable companies in the industry.

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