Ship a Car from Connecticut to Maryland

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Ship Your Car from Connecticut to Maryland with American Auto Move

If you need to have your car shipped from Connecticut to Maryland, then there are better options available than driving the car yourself. By choosing to hire a car shipping company, you save time, avoid any accident risks and keep your car in total safety.

What Are the Benefits of Hiring an Auto Transport Company from Connecticut to Maryland?

If you were to drive your car from Connecticut to Maryland, it would take 4 hours and 50 minutes and it would mean 301 miles of driving. The shortest route is on I-95 S and it does not imply a very long drive, but it has its risks.

Statistically speaking, car accidents are the number one cause for mortality in the USA. That means that even the shortest drive poses risks for you and for your car. Why not allow experienced drivers take your car on a carrier and you can relax and spend your time on what really is important for you.

We, at American Auto Move, offer you direct auto transportation from Connecticut to Maryland with no additional charges. You will be able to state your own pickup and delivery location, where a carrier will arrive to load and unload your car. It is a convenient and easy method that takes less time, is totally secure and saves you time and mileage on your car.

You will spend the 4 hours which you would have otherwise dedicated to driving in more useful ways, and your car will still arrive to its destination in due time.

What Are the Car Shipping Rates from Connecticut to Maryland?

We ship more than 10,000 vehicles every year and we have years of experience in car transportation. Our offer is one of the best on the market, and our prices are competitive and affordable. We will require knowing the distance between the states, the type of carrier you will have and the make and model of your car. With these details at our disposal, we will offer you the best price you can get from Connecticut to Maryland.

How to Get in Touch with Us?

If you want quality, yet cheap auto shipping from Connecticut to Maryland, then you can rely on us. Visit our site at: to find more information about car shipping.

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