Ship a Car from Connecticut To Kansas

Call Us If You Need Military Auto Shipping from Connecticut to Kansas

At American Auto Move, we offer military auto transport services from Connecticut to Kansas and all across the United States, at the highest quality standards. We respect all of our clients, but especially the active duty service members, and to prove that to them, we offer them instant discounts of 50$ per order and the possibility to have their vehicles delivered on time for their new assignments. We are the best car shipping company from Connecticut to Kansas, not just for military shipping, but for vehicle shipping in general.

Why Are We Considered the Best?

We provide quality auto transport services at competitive prices. Through our cheap vehicle shipping from Connecticut to Kansas, we show our loyalty to the members of the military and our gratitude for the service they provide.

If you decide to work with us, you will see that we are a professional and trustworthy company. You will have your car transported by excellent drivers, who know the shortest routes and are able to deliver any car safe and sound from Connecticut to Kansas.

Our team will inspect your car, and, after filling in the details in the Bill of Lading, they will fill complete the insurance paperwork as well. This is our guarantee that even if something bad happens, you will be reimbursed.

What Are Our Clients Main Benefits?

Instead of driving 1,600 miles from Connecticut to Kansas to start your new mission, you can let our team take your car to the base and rest, visit your loved ones or solve other problems. You will not even pay extra, as our basic auto shipping price from Connecticut to Kansas never exceeds the costs of the drive.

Because you are in the military you have the possibility to save even more money than other customers, $50 more, to be precise. We give instant discounts and we provide the best shipping service. We work only with professional drivers, we insure your car and we even provide you with the possibility to monitor the shipping online.

Just browse the website, send us an email or call us and we will tell you everything you want to know, offer you price quotes, help you choose and schedule your shipping. Allow us to transport your car from Connecticut to Kansas and you will see what quality services are all about!