Ship a Car from Connecticut To Iowa

Reasons to Hire a Connecticut to Iowa Car Shipping Company

Although not all people need the help of professional drivers to transport their cars from Connecticut to Iowa, most of them use this practice quite often. Driving for more than 1,170 miles can be very tiresome even for the most experienced driver. It would take you around 17 hours to cover this distance. This is a lot of time, especially if you cannot afford to spend it on the road.

Besides ordinary people, business men and car ship dealers also ask for the help of experienced drivers to relocate vehicles. And, there are several reasons behind this practice.

Who Requires the Services of a Connecticut to Iowa Car Shipping Company?

Vehicle manufacturers need the help of such companies in order to transport the vehicles they produce to different dealerships all around the country and even abroad;

Car dealers also use this practice to have the cars they need delivered from the main headquarters to various locations across the country;

People who sell their cars online or those who buy them also hire specialized shipping companies;

Businessmen may also need to relocate their company car from Connecticut to Iowa;

Big corporations that change their physical address from one state or country to another.

Why Hire a Connecticut to Iowa Auto Transport Company?

It helps you save a lot of time;

It is cheaper than driving your car on your own;

It helps you avoid the wear and tear of the car;

It saves you a lot of headaches;

It is safe and secure both for you and for your car;

It is faster and more comfortable.

Obviously, there are many reasons why you should ask for the help of a specialized company to transport your car from Connecticut to Iowa. However, you have to make sure you pick a reliable contractor that is licensed, insured and bonded.

Military Service for Transporting Vehicles

One of the things that make us, American Auto Move, one of the most popular Connecticut to Iowa auto transport companies is that we offer all kind of services, including here military shipping. Although you may not know it, many of our clients are members of the military.

These people always ask for our help to move their vehicles from one base to another, according to their assignments. More than that, we offer great discounts for active duty service members.

To get a detailed shipping quote, you can visit our site at and fill in the form. Call us as soon possible as at (866) 327-7863 and let us transport your vehicle from Connecticut to Iowa.