Ship a Car from Connecticut to Illinois

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Shipping Your Car with the Best Specialists from Connecticut to Illinois

Driving for 1,000 miles, the approximate distance from Connecticut to Illinois, is difficult, tiring and actually dangerous. Then, keep in mind the unpredictable elements of such a long journey: from bad weather conditions to blocked roads and so on.

In order to avoid such unwanted situations and to enjoy a comfortable plane ride, why not check out the services of a car shipping company from Connecticut to Illinois? It is simpler, easier and much safer.

At American Auto Move, we understand that very well. With years of experience and hundreds of clients satisfied, we have gained a solid reputation on the market, as being one of the most important auto shipping companies in the U.S.A., with more than 10,000 cars successfully shipped per year.

Another plus is our long-term collaboration with American Auto Move, one of the highest rated shipping companies in the entire nation. The services that we provide are of top quality, and that is why we are such demanded in vehicle shipping from Connecticut to Illinois. What is very important is that we do not transport cars only from Connecticut to Illinois, but we offer shipping services from any state to any other destination.

What Is the Price for Such a Service?

If you want to trust us with the shipping of your car, before estimating a price, we need to know the model of your car, because every model has its own characteristics, and we need to plan the space in our trailers and to assign the cars to our teams , in order to make sure that every vehicles has its place on the car shipping carrier from Connecticut to Illinois for your needs.

Once that is clarified, the next step is to discuss about the exact distance to cover. The terms of the delivery from Connecticut to Illinois are important: for emergency shipping, the costs may be higher.

After we settle all these details with the help of our customer care representatives, you will receive a price offer with the exact sum to be paid. Before you sign any papers, you should take some time and read the terms and conditions for type of shipping.

How Can We Be Found?

Online or by phone – After you have decided that you are in need of a shipping company, all the way from Connecticut to Illinois, visit us at or call us at (888) 201-2370.