Ship a Car from Connecticut to Hawaii

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The Cheapest and Safest Car Transfer from Connecticut to Hawaii

You may be a passionate driver, you may love your car and the roads, but driving from Connecticut to Hawaii is pretty impossible. Even though you plan on visiting your holiday destination by car, doing the trip on your own means spending more money and more time on the road, not to mention that you have to make the arrangements and pay for water transport, considering that Hawaii cannot be reached by land. The alternative is to leave the worries to an auto shipping company from Connecticut to Florida and to fly with the rest of your family, eliminating the driving caused stress, sleep deprivation or any other inconvenient.

Choose Flying Over Driving from Connecticut to Hawaii!

Let us do some mathematics! You have to cover almost 5,000 miles, half of them on water. The remaining 2,500 miles mean crossing at least ten states. When you add up all the money from food, gas, and lodging that you’ll be spending, it makes more sense to just let the experts do the work for you! You won’t ever need to drive again now that you know it’s actually cheaper to ship your vehicle than it is to drive yourself!

Hire Our Car Shipping Service from Connecticut to Hawaii

At American Auto Move, we do everything in our power to meet your needs. We will take your car from the place you choose, the entire procedure requiring less than 20 minutes. Ten minutes or less are dedicated to loading and securing the car into a hauler and the remaining ten minutes are used to fill in the documentation regarding the insurance and the shipping from Connecticut to Hawaii. To see our full procedures for Hawaii auto shipping, click here. We even offer an express auto transport service from Connecticut to Hawaii and on a few other routes, through which the car is delivered to you within the next 24 hours.

How Can You Get in Touch with Us?

First, you can call the Toll Free number 866-327-7863 or the customer service at 954-278-3861 and they will provide you with any information you need. Then, access and fill in the quick quote on the right. Within minutes, one of our representatives will call you to confirm the last step. From the confirmation, the shipping of your car from Connecticut to Hawaii is a sure thing, so you can focus on having fun and enjoying the time you spend with your loved ones!