Ship a Car from Connecticut to California

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Do You Need Your Car Safely Transported from Connecticut to California? We Can Help!

If you need Connecticut to California auto transport, then you surely are thinking of whom you can really trust to deliver your car safely and on time all across the continent. It may be quite easy to choose among auto transport companies for a delivery between neighbor states, but it is more difficult when the distance is such a great one. What we can tell you is that American Auto Move is one of the best vehicle transport companies in the U.S., with solid experience with deliveries across the country and across sea waters, equipped with top rated, 5-star haulers and with the best drivers as employees.

What Does American Auto Move Have to Offer?

Whether you need your car taken from Connecticut to California or for any other route, we offer you a quality and affordable service. We have licensed, bonded and insured drivers and a variety of services to choose between. You may have your car shipped in an open trailer or you may need it carried in an enclosed one, if it is an antique or a show car or one with exposed interiors. There is also an Express Auto Transport service you can opt for, if you need your car picked up in 24 hours from placing your order. We can guide you through our services and help you choose the one you need, and we will gladly help you out no matter what concerns you may have.

How Much Does it Cost to Ship a Vehicle from Connecticut to California?

In order for us to tell you an exact price, we need to know what type of car you need shipped, where and when exactly it needs to be shipped, and if an open trailer or an enclosed one is needed. Use our website to ask for a quote, to get an accurate price estimation tailored to your requirements; we can also provide you with comparisons with quotes from our competitors. Or you can go to our instant quote form and get free online auto transport instantly!

Choosing an auto transport company can seem like a complicated choice, given that your car is one of your most valuable possessions. We can take your car all the way from Connecticut to California in such great conditions that you will choose us a second time with full confidence in your choice.