Ship a Car from Colorado To Oregon

Trust American Auto Move to Ship Your Car from Colorado to Oregon

Do not panic when thinking about the distance from California to Oregon. We are here to make shipping your vehicle easy. We know what a difficult job it is for you to drive for so long, so we try to help you by making sure we are the best car shipping company from Colorado to Oregon.

Why Ask for the Help of American Auto Move?

We would also have doubts when thinking of hiring someone to drive our car for us. Its safety would be our main concern. You should know that safety is American Auto Moves first concern, too.

The first thing you should know is that, when hiring American Auto Move as your auto shipping company from Colorado to Oregon, your car will be fully insured. The insurance price is included in the initial price, so you will not have to pay another fee. A professional appraiser will double check your car before safely and slowly loading it onto the shipping carrier, and another appraiser will check it after it arrives at its destination. The road from Colorado to Oregon has never been safer than it is for your car when you ship with us.

Another thing that recommends us is our seniority in the market. We would have never existed for such a long time if we did not take our customers seriously and make sure their needs came first. Our team is made up of only professional drivers who have driven all over America, and know all the roads.

Why Hire a Vehicle Shipping Carrier from Colorado to Oregon?

If you care about your wellbeing and peace of mind, you will hire a carrier to do your driving for such a long distance (approximately 1,200 miles) as the one from Colorado to Oregon. Can you imagine driving for 18 hours?

Putting aside your state of mind, the price you will pay on all the necessities will be much more than the cost of transporting with American Auto Move. We know about the world economic crisis, and you can see this in our pricing and discounts. Also, our quotes are individual: you will have your own price, calculated on the distance and timing of your move.

Check our website,, for more details and testimonials. You will see from all our customers’ opinions that the drive from Colorado to Oregon has never been more pleasant.