Ship a Car from Colorado to Michigan

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Moving Your Auto from Colorado to Michigan

So you’ve got an automobile you need to move from Colorado to Michigan. You probably have a lot of questions. How many miles is that? What about safety? How much will it cost?

How long a drive is it from Colorado to Michigan?

Of course that depends on exactly where you are and where you need to go, but from Denver to Detroit, it is 1,270 miles by the shortest Interstate route and longer if you want to avoid Chicago traffic. It’s about an 18-hour drive in perfect traffic conditions and not counting time for stops.

Of course, if you are planning to drive it yourself, you will need to budget for all the basic expenses such as fuel, tolls, food and places to stay along the way, plus potential expenses that may come up due to unplanned situations such as weather delays or flat tires.

Are there alternatives to driving?

There are two other methods to get your vehicle from Colorado to Michigan: you could hire a driver to take it in your place, or you could hire a professional auto transport company such as American Auto Move.

If you hire a driver, you will need to find someone you can trust. Depending on your arrangement, this option could be expensive, but, in any case it will not be any cheaper or less risky than driving, since you will incur the same costs and encounter the same situations either way.

Once you have looked into the costs, you may discover that going with a company will actually give you the lowest auto transport price from Colorado to Michigan. You will also avoid the potential expenses of fender benders, damaged tires and unforeseen delays, and get the vehicle to its destination without adding any miles to it.

What is the cost of Colorado to Michigan auto transport service?

The rate a company will charge for auto transport depends on too many variables to list, but it’s easy to compare rates by using a Rate Comparison Tool. We offer one on our website

In conclusion, there are three ways to transport a vehicle: drive it yourself, hire someone to drive it, or have it shipped. When comparing the auto transport costs from Colorado to Michigan, it’s important to remember all the different kinds of expenses involved and to weigh the relative risks and safety issues for each method.

We believe that, when you have done your homework, you will discover that American Auto Move is the best choice, because we work hard to make sure of that. Call us toll-free at 866-327-7863 and we will be happy to take your vehicle from Colorado to Michigan.