Ship a Car from Colorado To Kansas

We Offer Military Auto Shipping from Colorado to Kansas

Are you a member of the military and you need to take your car from Colorado to Kansas? American Auto Move can help you take your car to the location of your next assignment in time and safely. Moreover, you will not spend all of your money on this service. Auto shipping from Colorado to Kansas is cheaper for military members, because we offer an instant discount. You can save $50 and gain extra time to spend with your family, while we handle all the details of your car’s shipping.

Why Should You Choose Us?

Our goal, at American Auto Move, is to provide the best services at very low prices. We succeed in that by hiring only professional drivers, with many years of experience, familiar with long distances and all the challenges that they may represent. Since the request for car shipping services from Colorado to Kansas is high and we have a great and well established fleet, we can afford to keep the prices lower than the market average.

Our company will transport your car from Colorado to Kansas safely, making sure it arrives on time and with no scratches. We also insure the car for the shipping. We do a thorough inspection and we mark everything on the Bill of Lading. Your car will have a complete insurance in case of an unhappy accident, meaning that any damages will be covered.

How Can You Benefit from Working with Us?

The drive from Colorado to Kansas would take a long time and leave you exhausted, since the distance is of no less than 600 miles. You cannot drive for 10 hours continuously, so you will need breaks, food, refreshments. You will perhaps receive a speeding ticket or have your car break down and require towing services.

If you hire us, you can spend another day with the ones you love, and leave all the above worries to us. Since your car is not driven, but shipped on a carrier, with other cars, accident risks are low to inexistent, the costs are lower and your efforts reduced to the 20 minutes required for paperwork and the preliminary inspection.

If you visit, you can read testimonials from our clients, some of them colleagues of yours, and you will see for yourself that shipping your car from Colorado to Kansas is just a matter of routine for us.