Ship a Car from Colorado To Alabama

Getting Your Car from Colorado to Alabama with the Right Shipping Company Is Quite Easy

If you were to drive your vehicle from Colorado to Alabama, it would take approximately 1,482 miles and 22 hours of continuous driving on I 70 E. This scenario would only be hypothetical, because it is very unlike that a normal person can drive for so long without breaks, without stopping at a hotel to rest, to eat and to relax. Therefore, such a long drive calls for professionals to help you take your car from one state to another with no effort on your part.

Why Hire a Car Shipping Carrier from Colorado to Alabama?

If it is scorching heat outside, snow, hail or pouring rain, our open or enclosed carriers will pick-up and deliver your car on a timely basis. There are little to no chances of unexpected calamities occurring and impeding the delivery of your vehicle from Colorado to Alabama.

Our carriers do not get flat tires, our drivers have years of experience, are skilled and know all the shortcuts of the road, as well as they can handle the stress of a long drive.

If all this did not persuade you to ship your car with American Auto Move, just know that auto shipping companies from Colorado to Alabama have a tariff lower than the amount you would spend driving the car yourself. We have the capacity to carry more than one vehicle, and we strive to keep our prices in check, therefore, you can be sure you will get the best offer we have.

How Does the Auto Shipping from Colorado to Alabama Occur?

In order for you to benefit from our top quality shipment, you have to simply tell us a location for the pick-up of your vehicle and another location for the delivery.

You should be for 20 minutes at the pick-up location, to wait for the carrier, and during other 10 more minutes, our representatives will inspect the car for damages and will handle the paperwork for the insurance. From there on, you will have no worries, as your car will is sure to reach its destination from Colorado to Alabama.

How to Get in Touch with Us?

We, at American Auto Move, ship annually over 10,000 vehicles and make sure that our clients receive the best quality for the money they pay.

If you are considering shipping your vehicle with us from Colorado to Alabama, call our toll free number: 888-201-2370.