Ship a Car from California to Virginia

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Find Lower California to Virginia Vehicle Shipping Costs with American Auto Move

Getting your car from California to Virginia, cutting through the Deep South and having to deal with deserts, rapidly changing temperatures and the threat of a tornado looming close by will definitely not be cheap.

Fortunately, American Auto Move will be there at your disposal, our experts being able to ship your car safely and affordably through the large distance of more than 2,500 miles separating the two remote states.

Vehicle Shipping Rate Related Misconceptions

If you’ve used vehicle shipping services from California to Virginia – or on any other route for that matter – you have likely heard about a lot of myths and misconceptions regarding the costs required by such companies:

  • One of the most interesting myths is the one according to which hunting for a very cheap service can get your car shipped in exchange for a smaller expense. While cheaper companies may be appealing to some, they are not too reliable, and some of them will only present you with various surcharges after the shipment was completed.
  • Another misconception is that terminal shipping is much cheaper than door-to-door car transport. This might seem feasible, but the fact is that terminal fees often make up for the slightly smaller price the carrier pays for fuel, so in most cases the rates will be similar.
  • Finally, many people think that it’s cheaper to talk directly with a carrier service instead of consulting a vehicle transport service. This, however, can be very risky, since it will be difficult to find a service you can trust, and you will simply not be able to guarantee the safe and timely transportation of your vehicle.

The Elegant Way to Ship Your Car

Ultimately, after finding out all this, you may wonder, how much does it cost to ship a car from California to Virginia with vehicle shipping services that are really interested in taking proper care of your vehicle?

The best answer might be closer than you expect, since American Auto Move has had a lot of experience with locating some of the lowest possible vehicle shipping costs and helping clients find the most reliable carrier services to help them transport their cars safely.

With the help of our services and online tools, you will find that your move from California to Virginia will be much more pleasant and less costly than you thought, without any hidden charges.