Ship a Car from California to Texas

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Moving from California to Texas – What’s the Best Way to Transport Your Car?

If you want to move from California to Texas, you will likely have a lot of things to get done, and shipping your car may be one of the most important of your tasks.

Even though some may be inclined to believe that a road trip is the only answer, the fact is that hiring one of the most reliable car shipping companies will not only take a load off your shoulder and ensure that you have all the time in the world to take care of all the other things you need to get done, but it will also significantly reduce your costs.

Why a Road Trip Is Not a Good Option

Have you ever asked yourself “how much does it cost to move a car from California to Texas by actually driving it there?” If you actually sat down to do the math, you probably realize that the costs won’t be as low as you may have expected.

The trip itself will be a very long one. The distance between California and Texas is more than 1,500 miles, even when taking one of the shortest routes. This will require a significant amount of gas, not to mention that you’ll also need to spend money on food, lodging and other necessities.

Also, with the difficult conditions related to driving through Arizona and New Mexico, you likely won’t be able to cover too much distance in one day, which will make your trip even longer than you expect.

Cheap auto transport from California to Texas, on the other hand, is not that difficult to find, and, what with the competition between many companies that cover this route, as well as the shorter time you need to wait for your car to arrive at its new home, this is a far better option.

Contact American Auto Move to Solve All Your Problems

American Auto Move is one of the best companies you can get in touch with if you want your car conveniently shipped to Texas in record time. We can offer you the best rates on the market and make sure that your vehicle will get through the entire trip without any damage.

You will even be able to add a few boxes of things you’d need to transport (as long as they stay within the weight limit), and they will be safely delivered with your car at no additional cost.

All you have to do is call or submit a short form for a free car shipping quote on California to Texas transport, and you will find that contacting our representatives is the best way to solve all your problems.