Ship a Car from California To Oregon

We Do Every Kind of Car Shipping from California to Oregon

There is just too big of a distance from California to Oregon for you to drive alone. We, American Auto Move, are here to make the long drive for you.

Why Choose an Auto Shipping Company from California to Oregon?

There are two things you should think about when considering this drive: the money and the safety of both you and your car. You should think about the amount of money you will spend on the road, not just on your car: the tolls, the money on food and drinks, on possible speeding tickets and on motel bills. Aside from this, a trip this long will make you whimsical and impatient. An auto transport price from California to Oregon could be as little as half the money you would spend on all of the above.

We provide safety and affordability, which are the most important issues when thinking about a shipping company, especially for a 680-mile trip like the one from California to Oregon. You should know that our initial fee is the final fee: you will not be charged extra for tolls, insurance for your car or extra gas if the road is closed and the driver has to take another route.

Your car will be fully insured and checked by a specialist before it is carefully loaded onto the carrier. You will be able to check on it whenever you want during the trip, so you will not have any reason to be afraid.

Why Choose American Auto Move?

We are known to be the largest car shipping company from California to Oregon, and we rely on the experience of our professional drivers for the safety of your car. We double check the licenses of our drivers, because we think that if we can trust them completely, you will too. But do not worry, they have driven the roads from California to Oregon many times.

In not so many words, if you want safety, affordability, speed and peace of mind about the safety of your car, call American Auto Move. For more details, and answers to any questions you may have, go online to and find out all there it is to know about car shipping.

Do not worry about your car if you need to move it from California to Oregon; let us make its journey a relaxing experience for you.