Ship a Car from California to Ohio

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How to Move Your Car from California to Ohio without Driving It

During this age of economic concern, do you really prefer to spend more than you need to on fuel and car repairs in order to get your car from California to Ohio? There are numerous shipping companies that could take this weight off your shoulders, and American Auto Move is one of them. We ship over 10,000 cars every year, everywhere across the US and the cost of our services is really affordable, barely reaching the expenses that driving on your own could imply.

Why Hire Us to Transport Your Car from California to Ohio?

People and companies from all over the US rely on us when it comes to the shipping of their cars, bikes, boats, antique vehicles, etc. They can confirm that their cars made it to their destination point on time, without them having to do anything about it.

That is true, our vehicle shipping service from California to Ohio is the best options for those who are working against the clock, too busy to plan things or to worry about the details on their own. If you decide to give us a chance, you can count on numerous benefits, such as:

  • Peace of mind: driving from California to Ohio on your own would usually trigger excessive anxiety, starting from the fear of accidents and traffic jams and ending with that of accidents. Freedom: when you are no longer confined behind the wheel, you can choose when and how to travel and how much luggage to take along.
  • Money: given the high number of shipping requests that we handle on this route, we can afford to substantially reduce costs, allowing you to actually save money compared to what you would spend if you were to drive all the way. To get a clear view on our auto shipping costs from California to Ohio, you should access our website at (, fill in the form and get a realistic quote, adapted to your car and to the services that you need.
  • Safety: neither you nor your car are exposed to dangers, as you no longer risk to fall asleep behind the wheel and cause an accident, and no harm can come to your car since it is loaded on a car shipping carrier from California to Ohio, carrier driven by professionals and fully ensured.

The list could continue, but you must have got the big picture by now. For a quick and reliable car shipping service from California to Ohio, get in touch with us today, at 1-866-327-7863.