Ship a Car from California To Mississippi

Hiring the Right California to Mississippi Vehicle Shipping Company Enclosed vs. Open Carriers

Vehicle shipping from California to Mississippi has become very popular since people these days are much more interested in saving time and reducing mileage and cost rather than trying to take matters into their own hands by starting such a long and difficult voyage on their own.

However, aside from the challenges of finding a vehicle transport company, there is also the problem of deciding exactly which method of shipping you should choose for your car.

Open and Enclosed Shipping Carriers

The most common types of trailers you will find provided by most California to Mississippivehicle shipping carrier services are open and enclosed carriers.

Open carriers are basically large trailers that can accommodate about a dozen vehicles at a time, and they simply consist of a frame that holds the vehicles together.

This is a cost-effective solution, and contrary to popular belief, it is not an unsafe method for shipping cars. Vehicles are safely secured onboard after having been thoroughly inspected to prevent those placed on top from leaking or damaging the ones at the bottom.

Enclosed shipping carriers offer several additional benefits. Since the trailer is covered, vehicles are safe from bad weather and road debris, and they are also less likely to be stolen. Moreover, an enclosed carrier ships fewer vehicles at a time, so your car will be more protected from damage inflicted by other cars.

Finally, you have to ask yourself, what is the price to move a car from California to Mississippi with any of these methods, and how will that fit in with my budget and overall agenda?

While enclosed carriers are rated about 30% more expensive than regular open trailers, their advantages are quite impressive, and the price itself depends on the company you hire, so it may be possible to find a more affordable one as well.

Transport Your Vehicle with American Auto Move

The best way of ensuring that you get the most suitable type of trailer to keep your car safe is by hiring a transport company that is truly dedicated to presenting you with the most practical, as well as affordable shipping solution.

We here at American Auto Move been informing and helping clients find the best vehicle shipping carrier services for years, and we can advise you on whether you need enclosed or open carrier shipping.

Regardless of the type, size, shape or model of the car you own, we will not only provide you with valid information on California to Mississippi vehicle shipping – by simply contacting us and booking your pick-up, you can benefit from the quick turnaround times, professional conduct, state-of-the-art carriers and many other advantages that our car movers are able to provide you with.