Ship a Car from California To Louisiana

It Is More than 1,880 Miles from California to Louisiana

If you really need to get your car all the way from California to Louisiana, you should probably really start looking for alternatives, because driving all by yourself for almost 1,900 miles should be out of the question. No matter how well you plan the rip and no matter how carefully you choose the route, there are a lot of chances for you to be forced to face some unexpected problems. So, what should you do in order to get your car to its destination without driving one single mile?

Hire an Auto Shipping Company from California to Louisiana!

Take for instance American Auto Move. We are one of the most important vehicle shipping companies from California to Louisiana and in the US. As a proof, we even offer auto shipping between different military bases in the U.S.A and many of our clients are members of the military. If we are good enough to take care of military vehicles, then we are definitely good enough to transport any car from California to Louisiana.

Services for Special Types of Cars

Sometimes, it is not enough to simply load your car on an auto shipping carrier from California to Louisiana. After all, you may have a special kind of car. Maybe it is a very expensive model or even a rare, collectible model. That is why, we, American Auto Move, can provide you with enclosed auto shipping for the route from California to Louisiana and on any other route in our country.

How Much Do We Charge for Our Services?

Well, the exact cost of hiring our services cannot be estimated until some important details are not clarified. For example, two of the most important things that matter are the exact distance between the pickup point of your car and the destination and the model of your car. As any other shipping company, we charge you by mile, so you can understand why the distance is very important. Also, when it comes to the model of your car, as you probably expect, an SUV will cost a little more to be shipped than a Volkswagen Polo, for example.

Anyway, if you want to obtain more information about the price of our services, call us at (888) 201-2370 or visit our webpage at We will make sure to answer your questions and give you an estimate for the California to Louisiana shipping costs.