Ship a Car from California to Indiana

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Beware of California to Indiana Vehicle Shipping Fraud

If you are ready to ship your car from California to Indiana, then be careful, since in the last few years, a series of phony vehicle shipping or auto moving websites have appeared all over the internet. Many of these scams involve a fake trucking firm website designed to attract victims.

These sites often look very legitimate at first glance and are sometimes built to be nearly exact duplicates the regular California to Indiana auto vehicle companies’ websites. The users are then returned an affordable car shipping quote along with further instructions on how to send in their payments. After the users pay for the transport, the auto transport carrier never shows up, while the users are out of their money.

This type of fraud, however, is simple to avoid. Below are a few tips on how to identify a fake California to Indiana vehicle transport site:

  • Never use a site that asks for a wire transfer. A legitimate car shipping company from California to Indiana will never ask for payment using wire transfer. The majority of the transport companies accept various payment methods that offer protection to the consumer, such as credit cards.
  • Verify to see if the address inside the address bar (the URL) exactly matches the name of their site. If it does not, you may not actually be on their real website, and this is a sign of potential danger. This could be what is known as a phishing site, and may not be associated with the company at all.
  • Look for some mistakes like grammatical errors and typos. If these are present, then the website is probably the work of a scammer rather than the property of an actual California to Indiana car shipping company.
  • Find the phone numbers listed on the website and then call them. The fake sites usually list non-working numbers or no numbers at all. Any real auto shipping company from California to Indiana will advertise a working phone number. In addition, look for its physical address. Scam sites usually do not list their addresses.
  • Do an online search on the name of the company. A legit and established company will return many results referencing the actual firm.
  • Ask for their references. A legitimate car hauler, like can offer you references regarding their shipping from California to Indiana or anywhere else in the US.