Ship a Car from California to Illinois

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Finding the Best Way to Ship Your Car from California to Illinois

Driving for more than 2,000 miles in order to get from California to Illinois is not a simple task. A journey like this must be carefully prepared and all the unexpected details and problems must be taken into consideration before you get behind the wheel and turn on the engine.

But, would it not be simpler if someone else would take care of these problems? What if someone else could take your car from California to Illinois? At American Auto Move, one of the best car shipping companies from California to Illinois, we are committed to help you with these details.

How Much Do We Charge for a Shipping a Car from California to Illinois?

Our shipping prices are calculated according to several factors. However, we can guarantee you that we have the best auto shipping costs from California to Illinois. The two most important details to consider in the calculation of the final costs are the dimensions of your car and the exact distance to be covered.

For instance, you will pay less for the transportation of a smaller car than for that of a bigger one. Then, the costs also vary according to the distance: you will have to pay for the exact number of miles that your car is transported over. That is why it is impossible to offer you a list with our prices: our prices vary from one every shipping job to another. However, give us the details and we will prepare you a free quote.

What Would a Shipping Service Imply?

It is very easy to take advantage of our services. All you have to do is to provide us with the above information about the pick up point and the destination. Everything else will be handled with maximum of professionalism by our specialists.

How to Start Working with Us

If you have decided that you need us to ship your vehicle, visit our website at Here, you will find all available options for our shipping services. The second step is to complete our online form and an e-mail will be sent to you with further details.

Another way to contact us is by calling us at (888) 201-2370. In this case, one of our representatives in the customer care department will help you with any information you may need regarding your shipping job from California to Illinois or on any other route.