Ship a Car from California To Alabama

The Drive from California to Alabama Is Hassle Free with American Auto Move

Taking your car from California to Alabama implies a lot of risks and, if we are to mention that the distance between the two states is of 2,162 miles and requires over 32 hours of driving, the risks get even higher.

However, you should not worry because we, at American Auto Move, have been transporting cars for decades and we annually ship over 10,000 vehicles across the USA. We are considered the best auto shipping company from California to Alabama and on other routes as well.

What Are the Benefits of Working with a Transport Company?

Driving a car yourself for more than one day is a stressful and tedious job, and there are several difficulties associated with such a long drive. If the weather is bad, the snow, hail or heavy rains can slow you down or even make you stop.

Your car could experience a mechanical failure and you would have to call a company to tow it or have to take it to the nearest garage to have it fixed, which would imply heavy expenses and wasted time.

By choosing to have your car shipped from California to Alabama with us, you will have no stress, no worries, and both you and your car will be in perfect condition. We have a one time fee, no hidden costs, so you know exactly how much you will have to pay.

What Are the Auto Shipping Costs from California to Alabama?

If you wish to know how much it would cost you to have your vehicle shipped from California to Alabama, you can fill in a short online form with specific details about your car, about the pick-up and the destination points of your car, and leave a phone number where our agents can contact you.

We will take all factors into consideration and make you an offer you cannot refuse, which, in fact, will probably be cheaper than the costs of driving the car yourself. Vehicle shipping from California to Alabama has never been simpler than with the help of American Auto Move.

How to Contact Us?

If you wish to find out more details about our offers, our terms and conditions and how we can help you, simply call our toll free number: 888-201-2370. We are going to answer all your questions and queries and give you any tips and advice you require related to vehicle shipping.

If you wish to transport your car from California to Alabama, American Auto Move is the company for this job.