Ship a Car from Arkansas To West Virginia

Ship Your Car from Arkansas to West Virginia Using Direct Transport

When you have to move your car from Arkansas to West Virginia, the most convenient solution is to hire a professional company to ship it for you. A specialized transporter only uses professional equipment, like a special Arkansas to West Virginia auto transport carrier.

Why Should You Contract a Professional Transporter?

The distance from Arkansas to West Virginia is of about 600 miles and it can be completed in approximately 9 hours, in normal traffic conditions. As much as you may like driving, 9 hours on the road is tiring, even for those with decades of experience behind the wheel.

The standard driving timetable of a professional driver, according to the US laws, is of 8 hours a day. But fortunately, most Arkansas to West Virginia vehicle shipping companies use teams of 2 drivers for car transports. So, if you want to hire someone to relocate your car from Arkansas to West Virginia, you can see your car at destination in just a couple of days.

What Is Direct Transport?

When contracting a specialized firm to ship your car, you have to decide upon some details, besides the initial and the final locations. For example, American Auto Move has several options for clients interested in direct shipping, like:

Pre-determined transport, which means that you have to bring your automobile to the company’s yard and pick it up from the company’s yard;

Custom relocation, preferred by those who want to avoid driving their car to a terminal yard and want the company to pick it up from their home or office and deliver it to a certain address. Of course, combinations of the two are also possible.

Direct Arkansas to West Virginia auto transport is our standard service. For this kind of shipping we mostly use open haulers, but, if you want extra protection for your car, you can ask for an enclosed trailer, too, but be aware that the extra features, like special floor tie downs, climate control and protection against dust and bad weather, are going to cost you.

In order to get a detailed shipping quote, you can fill in and submit the form on our website or send us an email at Browsing our website, you can read more about our company, the services we provide and types of transportation available. Do not worry about locations, because American Auto Move can basically pick up and deliver your car from anywhere to anywhere in the US, not only from Arkansas to West Virginia.