Ship a Car from Arkansas To Oregon

Use Our Military Discount to Ship Your Car from Arkansas to Oregon

It is an impossible drive from Arkansas to Oregon. We cannot imagine letting you drive for 31 hours when we are here to help and serve you. If you are a member of the military or a veteran, trust the best auto shipping company from Arkansas to Oregon to take care of you and your car. We are affordable and trustworthy, and besides, we have special discounts for military and ex-military personnel.

Why Choose to Ship Your Car?

If you are military or ex-military you have an additional reason to choose our services. Aside from the obvious reasons, you should know that military personnel have a special discount. We know how to be grateful to those who served our country, so we are grateful through our services.

The 2,100 miles from Arkansas to Oregon can be exhausting for anybody. We think you should let professionals make this hard drive for you; you should just relax and enjoy our services. Because we care about your state of mind, we give you the opportunity to track your car. Whenever you have a doubt or you hear news about an accident on the road your car is on, you can just call your driver and she or he can assure you that your car is okay. We are not called the best shipping company from Arkansas to Oregon for nothing.

We have only professional drivers on our staff, who know that they have to take breaks when they feel tired, so that they will not put your car in danger. We know safety is above all, especially when making such a long drive as the one from Arkansas to Oregon.

Why Choose American Auto Move?

We are reliable and friendly, we will treat you like family, and we will give you the best prices on the market. Such a long and dangerous road should only be driven by professionals who make a career from driving.

Our vehicle shipping carrier from Arkansas to Oregon is top notch, has all the security norms, and is checked every month. Even if we repeat ourselves, we truly believe the feeling of security is the most important, and we want our customers to trust us completely.

For testimonials and answers to all your questions, check our website, You will see that there is no other option for shipping your car from Arkansas to Oregon than with us.