Ship a Car from Arizona To Oregon

Why Bother Driving from Arizona to Oregon When You Can Ship Your Car with Us?

The drive from Arizona to Oregon has a lot of downsides. Besides the fatigue that will surely come from a drive of almost 20 hours. And there are other things you should take into account: money spent on gas, food, hotels and tolls. If you are eager to arrive at your destination, then take into account the possible speeding tickets, as police are always on this road.

Why Not Contact the Best Car Shipping Company from Arizona to Oregon?

American Auto Move is the best choice you can make for long-distance car transport. We are one of the best-known vehicle shipping companies from Arizona to Oregon, and we assure you that we will do everything possible for you to be pleased with our services.

We are fast, reliable and affordable. We know that it is almost 1,300 miles from Arizona to Oregon, and you will want to have news about your car; that is why we have a GPS tracking program, and you will be able to know where your car is at every moment.

We, American Auto Move, know how to make our clients feel safe. Besides the tracking program, we also offer full insurance: before leaving for its destination, your car will be checked by a professional insurance appraiser. She or he will note everything in the Bill of Landing and at the end of the drive from Arizona to Oregon, another appraiser will check your car. We guarantee a safe drive. You do not have to worry, the cars insurance is included in the initial price.

Why Choose a Car Shipping Company from Arizona to Oregon?

We care about your well being. We make our prices affordable, so that everyone enjoys our services. We know how a long drive can affect someone, and we do not want you to stress yourself.

With us, you can enjoy yourself, not think about the safety of your car and yours, and just relax, knowing your car is in the best hands possible.

Our veteran customers can tell you the kind of job we do. You can see all the testimonials on our website,, and also you can find out anything you need to know about car shipping.

Call us and you will see how travelling from Arizona to Oregon can and will be a delight.