Ship a Car from Alaska to Washington

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The Most Convenient Way to Get Your Car from Alaska to Washington

Driving from Alaska to Washington can be very troublesome and difficult if you take into account the fact that, generally, this route is crowded. And this is not all. The distance between these two states is more than 2,300 miles, which is a very long way. It will take you almost two days to get to your destination. But hiring professionals to transport the car for you is a much better idea.

Why Opt for Alaska to Washington Auto Transport Service?

There are a ton of reasons to go with American Auto Move for your Alaska to Washington car shipping:

  • You will save money. Although it may seem unbelievable at first, hiring professionals to relocate your car is not only more convenient, but also much cheaper. When driving your car for such a long distance you have to pay for fuel, motels, food and other expenses. Saving money is good and hiring the best auto company to transport your car from Alaska to Washington is even better.
  • You will save time. Driving from Alaska to Washington will take you more than three days. But if you hire one of the Alaska to Washington car shipping companies, you can spend your time doing something else, and your car will still get to its destination on time.
  • You will have peace of mind. Driving for long distances is very stressful and tiring. The heavy traffic on this route can also give you many headaches. Not to mention that you may be so ‘lucky’ as to have to handle bad weather, too. Why go to so much trouble when you can hire professionals to relocate your car?

How Much Does It Cost to Hire Alaska to Washington Vehicle Shipping Companies?

If you want to have your car transported, you first need to find a good company to do it. For example, you can pick American Auto Move; we offer very affordable costs and high quality services to satisfy our customers.

Our goal is to offer you the best services, because we want to meet and even exceed your standards. In addition, we can make everything much easier for you. If you need a free price quote, call us at (888) 201-2370.

You can also visit us at and find out everything about our Alaska to Washington car shipping costs. Let us make getting your car or truck from Alaska to Washington more enjoyable, more convenient and less expensive.