Ship a Car from Alaska to Virginia

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Shipping from Alaska to Virginia Requires an Epic Solution

The journey from the frozen mountains of Alaska all the way south to the lush green hills of Virginia is truly epic in scope; the concept of driving such a distance is beyond comprehension for most everybody. Thus when you need to get a vehicle from Alaska to Virginia, an auto shipping company will be required.

What’s Involved in Shipping a Vehicle that Far?

Shipping a vehicle from Alaska to Virginia involves a five thousand mile road trip and passes through Canada, requiring knowledge of Canadian rules of the road as well as United States road regulations. Taking several days to traverse the distance, even professional drivers hesitate at tackling such a journey. It takes a special kind of driver, and with our extensive network of drivers and carriers, American Auto Move will be able to find just the right driver and equipment, even in Alaska.

Aside from the distance and the requirement that a driver be both capable and permitted to drive on Canadian roads, there is no material difference between a delivery from the next state and a delivery from the far end of the continent. With a company like American Auto Move helping, options such as port or terminal shipping and rail travel can be arranged if applicable.

What About Costs?

Driving a vehicle from the Alaskan panhandle to Virginia will be prohibitively expensive, that much is certain. Where the question of “what is the price to ship a car from Alaska to Virginia” is concerned, the answer is certainly going to be “Much less than it would cost to drive a car over the same route”. Since the exact cost will differ depending on your requirements, we will need more details from you to tell you the numbers. Obtaining an accurate auto transport quote for the delivery is as easy as making a phone call.

Where Do I Start?

When you need auto shipping on this magnitude, American Auto Move is here to help. Fill out the Quick Quote form you can see on the sidebar or call one of our customer service agents to start the process. With an origin and destination, the make, model and year of the vehicle to be shipped, and an approximate time frame within which to work, our talented staff will be able to help you arrange transport from Alaska to Virginia for your vehicles without a problem.