Ship a Car from Alaska to Texas

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The Long Road from Alaska to Texas – Car Shipping Problems Solved

Moving across long distances can be very difficult, and, when it comes to car shipping, the road from Alaska to Texas will definitely not be like going for a Sunday drive.

The dangerous Alaska roads are bad enough, but with the trip stretching across days of navigating through mountainous terrains and the cold Canadian climates, hiring a good vehicle transport company will definitely be your best choice.

Driving Through Alaska

Even though you won’t have to drive too long to get out of Alaska, not all the roads offer smooth driving conditions, and some of the dangerous ones are unmarked. Also, you can only expect a pleasant road trip if you start off between May and late September, otherwise some of the highways and the roads that lead through mountain passes can be very dangerous to handle.

The Rest of the Trip

What is the price to move a car from Alaska to Texas? Well, if you choose to move your car without the help of a shipping company, even after you leave Alaska, your job won’t be easy, and the gas, supplies and everything else you may need will cost a lot more than the price required by most transport companies.

Apart from having to drive through British Columbia and Alberta, you will also need to go through about four American states, possibly including Montana and Wyoming – depending on the route you choose – neither of which is easy to navigate.

Driving through difficult mountainous areas and having to deal with the changing North American climates in Canada and the northern USA is bad enough, but the entire trip will last for thousands of miles and, even without weather problems, you’ll still be on the road for many days.

Hire the Best Vehicle Shipping Company for the Job

American Auto Move can offer the best vehicle shipping rate from Alaska to Texas, and our experienced drivers are perfectly capable of handling long distance trips to get your car safely to Texas.

With our direct shipping service, we will get to your designated location in no time to take your car off your hands, and all you have to do is get on the plane and travel comfortably to your new home in Texas to await the safe arrival of your car.

Even though the changing driving conditions can sometimes alter the time in which we can deliver your vehicle, you can rest assured that you’ve chosen the most professional, as well as affordable service for your Alaska to Texas auto transport needs.