Ship a Car from Alaska To New York

Getting the Best Alaska to New York Auto Shipping Service: Working with American Auto Move

Do you need to get a vehicle from Alaska to New York and you are looking for a reliable shipping service to save you from having to drive more than 4,500 miles? We are here to help you out. American Auto Move is the ultimate specialist in shipping vehicles between Alaska and the Big Apple so you can be sure we will give your vehicle the most comfortable ride for the best fees.

Why Choose Us for the Your Shipment?

We are not only one of the largest car shipping companies in the nation, but one of the most appreciated and respected carrier services as well. We offer the best service, with the best drivers and the best haulers available:

- All our drivers are experienced and insured;

- All our platforms are modern and equipped with everything to guarantee the safety of your vehicle.

Get the Most Suitable Transport Solution for Your Vehicle

Our Alaska to New York shipping services are the perfect fit for your vehicle. We work with enclosed carriers and open haulers as well, so the vehicle you need to transport will enjoy the best ride for sure.

You get to choose not only the hauler, but the transport type as well:

- If you want to load your vehicle right from your garage, choose direct transport;

- If you prefer to come to us, go for terminal or port-to-port shipping.

Get the Fastest Shipping Service

Our services vary in terms of pick-up times, too. Standard services take between 2 and 4 days to get to a location and pick up a vehicle, but if your vehicle is accessible from one of the metro areas and you cannot wait for 2-4 days because you need to get it loaded faster, you can choose one of our express services.

Get Peace of Mind

No matter what type of plan you choose, you will get a valuable extra service with all of them, for free: 24/7 online vehicle monitoring. You can sign in on our tracking interface whenever you want and see where your vehicle is at the time.

How Much Does It Cost to Have a Vehicle Transported from Alaska to New York?

Your vehicle shipping rate will depend on the type of the service you choose, but you can be sure that all our plans are cheaper than driving all the way to the destination, not to mention the time and energy you can save with our plans.

Request a Free Quote and Convince Yourself

Find out any number of details you need by asking for a quote right away it is completely free. Call us at (888) 201-2370 or send us the Quick Quote Form on the sidebar of our website. We will analyze every detail of your request and one of our shipping experts will reply you with a tailor-made Alaska to New York vehicle shipping quote within minutes.