Ship a Car from Alaska to Missouri

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How Can I Have My Car Shipped From Alaska To Missouri?

It might take you two days and 16 hours to drive from Alaska to Missouri, at best, or even more if driving gets you tired easily and you need to make many stops along the way. The gas for traveling the distance is not cheap, and there will also be costs for hotel stays during the night, food and drinks. Therefore you might prefer to have your car shipped to the destination by a professional. American Auto Move is one of the best auto shipping companies that you could turn to for requesting that your car be shipped across several states, safely and on time.

What Makes American Auto Move A Great Auto Shipping Company?

First of all, behind us there is a 25-year experience in the business of shipping vehicles across the land and across ocean waters. We can transport anything from small cars, vans, motorcycles and pick-up trucks to boats. For your convenience, our standard service is the Direct Auto Transport service. This is also known as door-to-door service, meaning that you tell us where exactly you need your car picked-up from and we will take it directly from there, without the need for you to bring it to us.

While the car is on the road, being carried by our haulers, you can easily track its position using the online tracking service that we provide at no extra cost. Also, we offer realistic rates and a full customer service department. You tell us what car you need transported and when, and we deal with the rest, no matter how great the distance from Alaska to Missouri is.

How much does it cost to ship a vehicle from Alaska to Missouri?

In order to present you with a price offer, we need to know some details: the pick-up date and ZIP, the delivery ZIP, if you request for enclosed transportation or on open haulers, the car model and make, its state of operability and your contact details. Fill in these fields using the tool available in the Compare Quotes section of our website and you will receive a quote right away. Fill in the appropriate fields with prices offered by our competition and we can make a quick comparison for you. Where the auto shipping rate we offer is concerned, we assure you that our prices are always fair and that we give great quality of service in return. You can also contact us by phone for extra details, using the following number: (888) 201-2370.

Need Alaska to Missouri car shipping? Place an order with us and your vehicle will arrive at its destination safely and in the shortest time possible.