Ship a Car from Alaska To Kansas

When Transporting Your Vehicle from Alaska to Kansas, Safety Should Be Guaranteed, No matter What Service You Choose

Should you need to transport a vehicle from Alaska to Kansas, just remember that you do not have to do everything by yourself. There are numerous companies that offer specialized auto shipping from Alaska to Kansas. You just need to find one that suits your needs.

Why Transport Your Car with a Shipping Company from Alaska to Kansas?

If you do not trust a company to do the job for you, we can give you several reasons to change your mind. A good quality job is always done by following rules. That is why, when choosing your provider of auto shipping service from Alaska to Kansas, you should make sure they follow rules, no matter if we are talking about having license, insurance, or following traffic rules.

Having several cars transported at the same time or shipping a valuable car on a long distance may seem really difficult and dangerous job. It is not! This industry is one of the best regulated and trustworthy industries in America.

What Are the Regulations?

For long distances like that from Alaska to Kansas, and not only, the next rules should be followed:

1. Weight The total weight of the cars loaded on the carriers should never exceed 34,000 pounds, the limit imposed by the Department of Transportation.

2. Securing the position of the transported vehicle – Depending on the weight, the car should be secured in order not to move forward, backward or sideways while being transported.

3. Personal belongings are forbidden in the car. Transportation companies have strict regulations and do not allow any sort of personal belongings on board of the transported vehicle, or, even if they do, they do not guarantee the safety of those belongings.

4. Insurance is important, yet not mandatory. We advise you to discuss this aspect with your shipping provider before closing the deal, because, while not getting insurance can help you save money, you will have to pay for any damages occurred during the shipping from your own pocket.

Why Choose American Auto Move?

With a distance of 3,400 miles to cover and an approximately 2 days and 13 hours drive from Alaska to Kansas, you need to save time and money, knowing your vehicle is safe at the same time. The fact that we follow the above rules to the letter and that we include insurance in the standard price should offer you peace of mind, while our thorough reputation and excellent rates should convince you to close the deal.

If you need more information about what transporting a vehicle from Alaska to Kansas with us means, just give us a call at1-888-201-2370 or browse