Ship a Car from Alaska to Illinois

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Do You Really Want to Drive All the Way from Alaska to Illinois?

When you need to get from Alaska to Illinois, driving all the way by yourself is by definition an adventure. More than 3,000 miles to cover and lots of nights spent on the road, wondering around in an unknown landscape and there are many other problems that one can expect from a journey like this.

Would it not be easier to enjoy a pleasant flight and to let a car shipping company from Alaska to Illinois to take care of your vehicle, so that it arrives just in time at destination?

Who Can Provide Such a Service and What Does It Implies?

We are one of the best auto shipping companies from Alaska to Illinois or from any other place to any other destination within the U.S.A. Here, at American Auto Move, we try and succeed in guarantying 100 % client satisfaction, by offering top quality customer services and convenient prices.

These affirmations are not just for the sake of marketing: numbers back up our advertisements! With more than 10,000 cars annually shipped, we are one of the most popular vehicle shipping companies from Alaska to Illinois or on any other route from the U.S.A.

Our services range according to the needs of every client. In simple words, we take your car and deliver it to your desired location. All you have to do is to provide us with the details, and we will take care of the rest. Also, keep in mind that all the way from Alaska to Illinois, your car will be loaded on a vehicle shipping carrier, so, practically, nobody will drive it.

How Much Does It Cost to Hire Such a Service from Alaska to Illinois?

Before we can provide you with an exact price, we need to know two things about your shipping job. The first one is the exact distance from the pick up point and the destination. This way, you will pay exactly for the distance on which your car is transported.

The other aspect that has to be taken into consideration relates to the characteristics of your car, especially its dimension, because, for instance, it will be cheaper for a smaller car to be transported than it will be for a van.

Hiring Our Services

When you have decided that you need us to get your car from Alaska to Illinois, you can contact us in two ways, by phone, at (888) 201-2370, or online, at