Ship a Car from Alaska to Hawaii

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The Best Way to Ship Your Car from Alaska to Hawaii

If you need to transport a vehicle from Alaska to Hawaii, then you really don’t have a choice about how you do so. Unlike other routes services by American Auto Move, Alaska to Hawaii is an overseas only route. This means that the only way to approach the move is with by using a shipping company.

Why Hire an Auto Transport Company from Alaska to Hawaii?

Since the “Aloha State” is an island, the only way you can get your car from Alaska to Hawaii is by sea. So, you only get to decide whether to plan the whole sea-shipping yourself or leave all the worries to a vehicle shipping company. If you think it would be easier or cheaper to plan everything yourself, think again. If you choose the right auto transport company, setting up your move is a breeze. It only requires a couple of steps to get the job done, and the whole process can be completed within 30 minutes. That’s the power of using a transport company. Why spend so much time, money and effort, when an auto transport company can do it better, faster, and for less?

Why Choose American Auto Move?

You car is precious, and you need to know it is in good hands. At American Auto Move, we have years of experience in car shipping from Alaska to Hawaii and all across the US, so working with us is like purchasing an additional insurance policy. Our partners, Matson Shipping, have an excellent reputation and, just like us, believe in offering high quality services at amazingly low prices. We will transport your car from Alaska to Hawaii fast, according to the highest safety and professionalism standard, for a price that you can certainly afford to pay, considering that we are known to practice the lowest Alaska to Hawaii price on the market. Just give us a call and let us know you why we are known as the best auto shipping company in the country.

How Can You Contact Us?

Getting an auto shipping quote from Alaska to Hawaii is easier than you may think. Just go online, at, and fill in the quote form with the exact departure and delivery points and with your car’s information. We will get back to you with the exact details in a matter of minutes. Call (888) 201-2370 and talk to one of our representatives. Before you know it, we have a deal and your car is shipped from Alaska to Hawaii in the best conditions.