Ship a Car from Alaska to California

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How to Get the Best Auto Transport Service from Alaska to California

If you consider embarking your vehicle on the journey from Alaska to California, then you also need to consider the car shipping company you are going to do it with. The professional values that you should look for in such a company are safety, transparency, responsibility, expertise and experience. The all-American auto transport company of choice, which incorporates all these values and provides as a bonus the lowest prices in the business is none other than American Auto Move. Customers testify to this and so does the Better Business Bureau.

Why Choose Auto Transport in the First Place

Using auto shipping over driving it yourself can spare you a lot of time and trouble. The driving time from Alaska to California is about 60 hours, which can be excruciating for a sole driver. It is up to you to choose the easier, stress-free and safer way out of this cumbersome task of having to drive the vehicle yourself. The entire shipping process is so easy yet secure that it can leave you wonder how come you have never thought of this before. Just think about the things you can do during two days and a half that you would be wasting on the road, bored and tired. Furthermore, by choosing to transport your vehicle instead of driving it, there will be no extra mileage added to your vehicle.

Why Choose American Auto Move

American Auto Move respects the investments customers have made in their vehicles; our mission is to ship your car in the safest conditions, while charging the lowest fees in the auto moving industry. Customer satisfaction always comes first for us, and this is why we always inform our clients about what they should expect, in terms of costs and type of services, right from the start. The entire transport process is very convenient, easy and transparent, and we guarantee no additional fees will be charged.

How Much Does It Cost to Transport a Vehicle from Alaska to California?

The exact cost of the transport depends on what exactly you need, so get your free quote online to find out all the details. For instance, if you need enclosed shipping, the price will be higher than in the case of open shipping, because an enclosed trailer cannot hold as many vehicles as an open one. However, it will offer full protection from the elements, so the slightly higher price will be totally worth it.

Hire us to handle the Alaska to California auto transport, while you can simply lay back and enjoy your spare time.