Ship a Car from Alaska To Arizona

The Best Way To Get Your Car From Alaska To Arizona

If youre looking for a vehicle transport company to get your car from Alaska to Arizona, then American Auto Move is what youre after. As the best auto shipping company in the States, we offer the very best service and absolute lowest prices in the business. There really is no other option if you want to make sure your car gets to Arizona safely and on time. So pick up the phone and give us a call at (888) 201-2370, and well get you started right now with a personalized quote.

Alaska to Arizona is a very long way

Alaska and Arizona might be one after the other in the alphabetical list of states, but they most assuredly are not neighbors on the map. Almost 4000 Miles separate them! Driving your car from one to the other is out of the question it would take you around 70 hours of non-stop driving. Thats a full week of driving 10 hours a day, every day, and thats along some of the most boring and empty stretches of road in America.

So why dont you do yourself a favor and call American Auto Move? Well come by and pick up your car from your doorstep, and in a few weeks youll have it delivered at an address of your choice in Arizona. Thats all there is to it: its easy, its convenient, and its also very cheap. Thats what you can expect from the best auto shipping company in the US.

But just how cheap is it really?

Well, believe it or not, its several hundred dollars cheaper than driving yourself. Think of all the money youd have to spend on food, gas, tolls and places to sleep overnight if you drove all the way to Arizona. With American Auto Move, you can save at least $200 if not more and thats not even considering the time youd save.

So what is the price to transport a car fromAlaska to Arizona? That depends on a few factors, like the type of trailer you would like (open or enclosed) and other details, but the best way to find out is to fill out the quote form on the right. That way, we can get back to you in just a few minutes with a personalized quote. Or pick up the phone and call (888) 201-2370, talk to one of our auto shipping service representatives, and hell give you all the information you need to move your car from Alaska to Arizona today, with American Auto Move.