Ship a Car from Alabama To Mississippi

How to Effectively Hire the Best Alabama to Mississippi Car Shipping Companies

Hiring a trustworthy company and still getting an affordable car shipping rate from Alabama to Mississippi may not be as easy as most would consider it.

Apart from doing your homework properly before turning to any type of vehicle transport service, you also need to interview the company you want to work with and make sure they have everything you need before getting started.

A Few Essential Questions to Ask Your Transport Company

How long does it take to ship a regular small car? Are there any advantages to contracting a shipping company instead of driving the car to Mississippi yourself? What is the price to ship a car from Alabama to Mississippi? These are just some of the best questions you can ask when looking for a new service to hire.

Aside from these commonly asked questions, however, there are many others worth mentioning that could change your decision entirely:

  • What is included in the car shipping quote? The quote you request should provide you with all the information on how much a specific feature or service would cost. Requesting an enclosed carrier, for instance, will cost more than a basic, open shipping service.
  • Do you have to provide money upfront? Having to pay for an estimate is usually a big red flag when you hire a transport company, since all quotes and estimates should be free.
  • What is the companys policy regarding items being shipped along with your car? While it may be an advantage to add a few extra items especially if youre moving house to Mississippi, most shipping companies will have weight limits and will be unable to insure your items should they be damaged.
  • Can you specify pick-up and delivery times and locations? Depending on the service you choose, the location may or may not be yours to choose (for instance, terminal vs. door-to-door shipping). However, the pick-up and delivery time should always be up to you to decide.

How to Get the Best Alabama to Mississippi Car Shipping Price

If you wish to get an affordable transport price, while also making sure the company you choose is trustworthy and licensed to handle your delivery, call on our experts here at American Auto Move, and we will take care of everything for you.

Feel free to ask our representatives any of the questions presented above and more. Also, our experts will guide you through the process of selecting the best Alabama to Mississippi car shipping service, and we will ensure the complete safety of your vehicle in transit.