Ship a Car from Alabama To Kansas

All You Need to Know about Transporting Your Car from Alabama to Kansas

Probably one of the most difficult things when purchasing a vehicle and needing to get it from Alabama to Kansas, is deciding on the best solution for transporting it. If you consider that the distance between the two states is of 1,050 miles, which means an approximately 16 hours drive, you definitively need to think of contacting an auto transport company from Alabama to Kansas.

What Are the General Aspects of Specialized Transportation?

Vehicle shipping services from Alabama to Kansas are more complex than they might seem. Having a car shipped is different from any other type of delivery, because the car has to be prepared for the process and meet the following requirements:

- No personal belongings are allowed in it,

- No more than one quarter of the tank filled with gas,

- No alarm has to be activated,

- The vehicle should be carefully inspected before loading.

For the shipping from Alabama o Kansas certain documents have to be filled by the shipping company and the owner in order to ensure that all regulations are followed.

How Do We Deal with Car Shipping at American Auto Move?

We, at American Auto Move, understand that each customer is different and has his or her own priorities. That is why our Alabama to Kansas shipping services are flexible, and we are always prompt when it comes to our clients. We handle well the changes in the schedules of our clients, no matter if they are related to the pickup or to the delivery. If you just let us know in due time, we will do our best to find a good solution for you.

What We Advise You to Do?

Before choosing a company for delivering your car from Alabama to Kansas, make sure you fully understand the services and you agree with the terms and conditions of the delivery. For information on our services and terms, we advise you to browse our website,, especially the section with frequently asked questions. If you still have questions just ring at 1-888-201-2370 for more details, our agents have answers.

Our customer representatives will give you all the information you need and will have the patience to guide you through the whole shipping process. So if you need to have a car shipped from Alabama to Kansas or to anywhere else in the US, just contact us.