Ship a Car from Alabama To Iowa

What You Need to Know about the Alabama to Iowa Auto Transport Services

Whether you need to move from Alabama to Iowa or you have just purchased a new car and you need to get it to Iowa, you surely need to hire a reputable company to transport it. You cannot drive for more than 14 hours in order to cover the 955 miles between these two states.

There are many Alabama to Iowa auto shipping companies that offer great services at reasonable costs. However, if you want to make sure you choose the most reputable and convenient solution, you should familiarize yourself with their services.

  • Open Carrier vs. Enclosed Carrier

Most of these companies can ship any type of car, no matter its size. They use different transport methods to accomplish this task. For example, an open carrier is one of the most convenient methods to relocate cars because it is affordable for anyone. But, it has one small drawback: it does not protect cars against the natural elements during the shipping process.

If you want the safest way to transport your car from Alabama to Iowa, you should consider the enclosed carrier as the best choice for you. Although it is more expensive than open services, it provides maximum protection for your vehicle.

  • Door-to-Door Service vs. Terminal-to-Terminal

Most car owners want their ca to be loaded from and delivered to their door. The good news is that many Alabama to Iowa car shipping companies offer this type of service, but it does cost a little more than terminal-to-terminal shipping, since it does not require as much effort from your part.

  • Delivery Time

The company you hire will give you a time estimate for transporting your car from Alabama to Iowa. However, the actual duration depends on the exact number of miles between the departure and the arrival point, the weather conditions, the transportation method, etc. The traffic conditions can also affect the shipping time.

  • Insurance Coverage

The insurance is an important factor you need to consider when hiring an Alabama to Iowa car shipping service. This is because it covers any damage in case an accident occurs while your car is transported.

The Safest Way to Ship Your Vehicle

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Our professional drivers will make sure that your vehicle is completely protected against all natural elements and against the trailer itself. We use climate control and soft tie downs to keep it safe and secure. With us, your vehicle will arrive at destination in perfect condition.

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