Ship a Car from Alabama to Hawaii

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Whenever shipping a vehicle over the ocean, you really need the confidence in whoever is doing the job. And that’s part of the reason why American Auto Move is selected as one of the most reliable and trusted names in Alabama to Hawaii auto transport. Call American Auto Move today at (888) 201-2370 for more information about our transport services from Alabama to Hawaii!

Why Use Auto Transport At All?

When shipping a vehicle overseas, you need to use auto transport. There are a good many companies that can do the job, but only a few that do it well. American Auto Move gets the best rates in the country for our customers, and we use the most reputable overseas shipper the world, Matson Navigation.

Why Use American Auto Move?

American Auto Move is one of the best auto transport companies in the nation for shipping from Alabama to Hawaii. As a premium partner with Matson Navigation, we are able to get the very best prices in the industry. Our pro-rated Alabama to Hawaii rates are guaranteed to save you $100 or more compared to using Matson Navigation directly. Don’t let this opportunity to save yourself a bunch of cash pass you by!

How Do I Get Started?

Getting your free quote to move a car from Alabama to Hawaii is simple:

  1. Go to the side bar and find the quote form
  2. Fill out the quote form with the requested fields (please be as accurate as possible)
  3. Wait a few moments until a sales agent sends you all the information necessary to getting started!

That’s all you need to get your Alabama to Hawaii shipping quote right now! Once you’ve decided to use American Auto Move as your carrier, we suggest that you check out our Hawaii auto shipping FAQ page for more information about how to prepare your vehicle for shipping.