Ship a Car from Alabama to Florida

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If you need to ship a car from Alabama to Florida, there is simply no better company to do it with than American Auto Move. We transport hundreds of vehicles every week, and we’ve earned a reputation for being one of the best auto transport companies in the nation! So dont’ wait — simply call American Auto Move today at (888) 201-2370 for and get your quote within minutes!

Why Use Auto Transport At All?

While not the longest auto transport route by any measure, driving from Florida to Alabama (or rather, from certain parts of Florida to Alabama) can still be quite a drag. Luckily for you, American Auto Move actually offers prices that are significantly lower than the cost of fuel and lodging, so you never have to make a long drive simply to get your vehicle from A to B again!

Why Use American Auto Move?

American Auto Move is one of the best auto transport companies in the nation for auto transport from Florida to Alabama. We are continuously rated as a top provider in terms of customer satisfaction and value amongst surveyed customers. We are proud to give access to our top-notch services at highly competitive rates. It doesn’t get any better than American Auto Move for Florida to Alabama auto transport.

How Do I Get Started?

Getting your free quote to move a car from Alabama to Florida is very easy:

  1. Go to and find the quote form.
  2. Fill out the quote form with the relevant information
  3. Wait a few moments until a sales agent sends you all the information necessary to getting started!

It doesn’t matter what kind of vehicle that you need to ship, because we do it all! Give American Auto Move a call at (888) 201-2370 and get your free quote to ship a car from Alabama to Florida right now!