Shipping a Motorcycle

Shipping a Motorcycle Explained

Chances are that if you’ve found this page, you’ve also found that it’s rather hard to find a motorcycle shipping company. Many auto transport companies can move cars, trucks, SUVs, and even oversized vehicles, but few can (or even want) to ship motorcycles. But at American Auto Move, we make shipping your motorcycle extremely easy!

When to Use Motorcycle Transport

You’ll only want to use a motorcycle shipping company when you can be confident that you’re using a good one. Because the demand for motorcycle shipping is substantially lower than it is for auto shipping, many companies lack the requisite experience to provide efficient service.

If possible, motorcycle shipping should be done by a company that specializes in shipping motorcycles. Again, most auto transport companies that attempt to do motorcycle shipping are quite inexperienced, and the demands of shipping motorcycles often requires a degree of expertise.

How to Ship your Motorcycle

The methods used to ship your motorcycle securely is highly dependent on the type of motorcycle that your need shipping. For instance, the particular design of a Harley Davidson Motorcycle makes the process of transporting it markedly different than shipping a Honda. Again, we come back to why it is so important to use an experienced transporter! Expert auto shipping companies will be able to determine very quickly what kind of hardware you’ll need to ship your motorcycle.

What About Shipping My Motorcycle Overseas?

We’re often surprised by the amount of demand for overseas motorcycle shipping. Shipping to Hawaii is especially in demand. Using a company like Matson Shipping to ship your motorcycle can be quite useful for fulfilling that need.

Can American Auto Move Ship my Motorcycle?

No. American Auto Move is not a motorcycle shipper. However, by submitting for a quote, we will be able to direct you to highly effective shippers in the field.

You Haven’t Been Able to Answer All of My Questions! Where Can I Find the Answers?

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