Ship a Car from Maine to Ohio

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Try a New Way of Traveling from Maine to Ohio

If driving is not one of your hobbies, than a Maine to Ohio car shipping service is exactly what you need in order to save the long time and the considerable stress that the road from Maine to Ohio usually poses.

How to Choose a Shipping Company?

First do some research, read some forum posts, read customer’s reviews and pick a few company names. Depending on what type of shipping you want, the companies can be easily separated one from another. Then, start asking for a Maine to Ohio auto shipping quote from each company, in order to find out what prices they offer and under what circumstances.

A company asking for the payment in advance is not reliable and should be eliminated from your list. Ask whether they pick the car from your home or you need to take it to their headquarters and inspect the car before letting them load it for the shipping from Maine to Ohio.

Make them sign a finding note assessing the condition of your car, so that they cannot blame any transportation scratches and damages on you, saying that they were there when they picked up your car. It is important to receive insurance for the shipping, so that you can get compensated in case anything bad happens during transportation and your car gets damaged. The trip from Maine to Ohio can be marked by unforeseen events, so it is better to be prepared.

Be sure you read the shipping policy carefully before signing a contract with any Maine to Ohio vehicle shipping company. These policies differ from one company to another, and you certainly do not want to pay additional costs or put up with delays just because you did not pay attention to what you were signing.

The alternative to all this research and evaluation process is to work with us, American Auto Move, the best Maine to Ohio car shipping company. The five-stared fleet that we use provides the best and safest transportation for your car no matter what type of shipping you choose. We treat all cars as the most precious things in the world and we make sure that they are delivered to destination untouched.

Our drivers are highly qualified and carefully selected, in order to eliminate any human mistakes. They work in teams, so as to ensure continuous driving and timely deliveries.

We are insured, and our policy covers any damage a car can suffer during transportation, although we have not had any incidents. Quality, high performance and professionalism are the terms that best describe our activity on the road from Maine to Ohio, so hire us and you will not regret it!