Crazy Auto Transport Stories – Part I

When you’ve been doing auto transport for as long as we have, you’ve come to see and hear just about everything there is to see and hear in the industry. And in an effort to deliver some interesting auto transport related content, we’ve decided to document some of the more crazy auto transport stories.

It’s important to say that, unfortunately, the craziest and most interesting stories to write and read about tend to not have the happiest of endings. And while no people were injured in any of the stories that we will posting, the same cannot be said about the cars. The reality of auto transport is that, while not a common occurrence, accidents and incidents that involve 50+ tons of motor vehicle tend to be messy. But so long as you understand that all vehicles transported on car carriers are completely insured, it’s quite easy to see these kinds of stories and laugh. Here’s a story that we’ve recanted from one of the driver the we work with called Sardines, Anyone?

So there was a car that we moved about 3 or 4 years ago…don’t remember the route. The customer had insisted on top rack placement. This is usually a pretty annoying request, as it requires extra planning and is unnecessary for nearly every type of vehicle save convertibles, but we were able to accommodate the customer’s request.

So the car gets inspected and loaded up on the top rack as requested, we let the customer know that everything went smoothly during the loading (the customer was not there for the loading.) As anyone in the transport business knows, getting a car loaded is 99% of the battle, so we were happy that the job was more or less done.

Fast forward another 5 days. We get a call from the driver carrying the aforementioned car. The conversation goes something like this:

Driver: Hey this is so and so from A & B Towing. Remember that top rack job you guys gave me?

Us: Yup. Sure do. Why?

Driver: The guy that wanted the top rack?

Us: Yes…what about him…

Driver: Welp, I think you should tell him that he’s now the proud owner of a brand new convertible.


whatApparently, the driver had crossed under a bridge in which the clearance was not properly marked, ripping the roof off of our customer’s car! Of course, everything was fully insured, and the customer, while naturally furious, had the car replaced, free of charge.

Stranger things have happened…