Classic Car Shipping Made Easy with American Auto Move

There are few things in this world that are more valuable to you than your classic car. Not only is it an asset, but it’s your pride and joy. That’s why it’s important why you think long and hard about who moves your car, and how they move it.

Here’s a little guide about how to get your classic car shipped the right way the first time!

Understand How to Ship your Classic Car

classicWe here at American Auto Move understands just how valuable a classic car can be to it’s owner. As with anything of value that you might hand over to others, it’s important that you a) you the precise requirements, terms, and conditions for your service, and b) trust the entity that will responsible for your property.

Understand that certain types of classic cars require special methods of transportation

Enclosed trailer transport is perhaps the most common way to ship a classic car, but there may be some cases to in which an open trailer may be more appropriate. Unless you’ve shipped lots of cars in the past, chances are that you won’t know what will work best.

Use a Trusted Auto Transport Company

This brings us to the second point: make sure you use a reputable auto transport company for your shipping! Because providing for enclosed auto transport can be logistically complicated, and because you won’t necessary know the best solution to your particular shipping situation, you need to be able to trust the judgment of your auto transport company!

Keep in mind that using enclosed auto transport can cost significantly more than open carrier transport (typically $.64-$1/mile compared to $.32/mile for open carriers.) Plan your budget with this assumption in mind.

Protecting Your Classic Car: Insurance Provisions

Any auto transport company that you use to ship your car should assume responsibility of your vehicle while in transport. Typically, these limits of the insurance extend anywhere from $50-100k. To ensure that proper coverage is applied where necessary, document the condition of your vehicle before shipping. This means take pictures of the exterior condition, odometer, and so on before you release your vehicle to the driver.

Getting Ready to Ship

Forethought ahead of shipping can prevent a multitude of problems that can be easily avoided. Specifically, make sure that your vehicle is in a reasonable condition for shipping. A vehicle that is leaking fluids or that cannot be properly secured may cause damage to your car, the hauling equipment, and the cars of others. Be thoughtful and check for common maintenance issues before you schedule your shipping.

Fluid leakage is a very common issue. If you can address this issue before shipping, you would be wise to do so. If you can’t, you should at the very least notify your hauler of this condition so that the proper adjustments can be made ahead of time!

The transport of extraneous parts, such as tires, spoilers, and so forth, may not be allowed, depending on the type of hauler. Make sure that your hauler is aware of such items prior to making your order so that the appropriate arrangements can be made.

On a very important and related note: remove all personal goods from your vehicle before transport! It is technically against the law to ship personal goods within a vehicle, and any such goods will not be subject to insurance coverage.

The final step one should take before shipping is to empty the tank down to no more than 1/4 of a tank. The excess weight of tanked fuel can cost the hauler precious dollars, so be considerate!

Enjoy the Ride

If you follow the instructions laid out here, there’s no doubt that you’ll have a successful classic auto transport. And when you use American Auto Move, you can be sure that your vehicle will remain in the custody of the most trusted, highly trained, and professional haulers in the business. Interested in shipping your vehicle today? Get a your free instant auto transport quote online from our auto transport rate calculator right now!